Plants that Thrive in the Bathroom


Plants That Thrive In The Bathroom

The key to making the most of your plants’ potential is understanding the bathroom environment and choosing varieties that will thrive in it. It doesn’t matter if your space is ultra-modern or quite traditional, a houseplant or two will always create an impression. Live plants are natural, zen-inducing and can make a great addition to any bathroom. Even better, they can purify the air, create a fresher environment and, in the case of aloe, even contain healing properties. With that in mind, here’s a look at where to start when choosing plants for this challenging space.


Most bamboo species are native from warm and moist tropical climates. It’s a type of grass with one of the fastest growth in the world. Did you know that you can grow bamboo without soil? A jar filled with small stones and water is sufficient.

Ivy and Pothos

Ivy and Pothos vines are perfect for a creating a lush atmosphere in the bathroom, placed around the sink, around the bathtub or hanging from a shelf.


Ferns prefer humid air. Their fronds are fragile are can dry out quickly in dry/windy conditions. They’re tricky houseplants in my experience but they also can make an outstandingly lush adddition to a bathroom. If you’re looking for a DIY project for your bathroom, check out this article by the House Plant Journal: Ferns in the Shower.

Plants that thrive in the bathroom (Infographic)


The bathroom is undoubtedly the most humid room in the house and many bathrooms are short on natural light. When someone takes a long, hot shower, for example, the conditions simulate the moisture and heat of a tropical rainforest. This is an environment that certain plants will love. Unfortunately, that doesn’t include succulents and cacti.


If your bathroom doesn’t have a window it will be hard to maintain any plant there on the long-term, unless you use grow lights.

Plants That Love the Rainforest

When you’re shopping for bathroom plants, you should focus on types that flourish in tropical settings. From rainforest flowers such as orchids to steam-absorbing greenery such as philodendrons, there are a lot of beautiful possibilities. Light conditions also figure into the equation. If your bath is low on natural light, you might want to choose a Chinese evergreen, which likes low to medium light levels and enjoys warm, humid spaces, or colorful begonias, which thrive in fluorescent light. English ivy is another low-light possibility — and it also will help purify the air in your bathroom.

If you’re considering the possibilities for plants in your bathroom, the below inforgraphic is a great place to find more information. It details the reasons why plants are beneficial in the bathroom, as well as the types of plants that are good picks for this space. Check it out and get inspired about adding a little greenery and life to your bathroom!

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