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The House Plant & Urban Jungle Blog

House plants should be easy, don’t you agree?

When I started my urban jungle, I wanted to find all the house plant care tips in one place. That’s why I created this blog.


Hi, I’m Boris from London

I've drowned a few Aloe Vera's, I confess (and almost gave up on indoor plants). They're beautiful but need care, or so I thought. I’ve gathered here all the tips that make plant care easy - like a plant bible, if you will. Make sure we’re connected on social media before we start. Thanks for being here!

Free Indoor Plant Care Tips

In one place

Here’s a tip for you: avoid placing your plant next to heat sources (radiator) or in cold or windy spots. Stability is key. Brutal variations in temperature and humidity can be detrimental.

For many, plant maintenance is still a tricky discipline, between a science and an art. Too much water - too little water - direct or indirect sunlight, I know the confusion. On this blogsite, I cover everything you need to know to grow your favorite houseplants with confidence

Thanks to that, I grow and maintain stunning houseplants all year round & at low cost. And so will you!




Self-watering plant pots,
or the end of plant-killing. I think they can help many of you, just like they did to me!


What Kind of Plant Lover are You?

Whether you're a beginner, an experienced plant lover, a plant-killer, or have a busy lifestyle, this blog will guide you.


PLANT LOVER beginner

Basics of indoor plant maintenance

Find an easy-care plant for your home

PLANT LOVER advanced

Propagation (means free plants!)

Soil-free growing (hydroponics)


Indoor plants that are featured on this blog: cacti, succulents, leafy green indoor plants, both from the desertic and the tropical types.

Those are the plants I currently have (and can answer questions on): golden pothos (epipremnum aureum), satin pothos (scindapsus pictus), snake plant, zeezee plant, nerve plant (fittonia), prayer plant (maranta, calathea), bird of paradise, succulents (echeveria, aloe vera), cacti of course, rubber plant, & more…

All things for your Urban Jungle!

Parent a house plant with more confidence with my:

  • Easy Plant Guides

  • Care Tips

  • Plant Book Recommendations

  • Self-Watering Techniques

  • Propagation, Rooting & Soil-Free Planting Ideas

The House Plant Care Guide  

Struggling with house plants? All you need to know in one place, 7 pages!

 Immediately actionable tips from seasoned indoor gardeners .

Immediately actionable tips from seasoned indoor gardeners.



“Even the most seasoned gardeners kill plants.”

Plant Killers & Busy Urban Citizens, This Site is For You

  • If you're on the lookout for low maintenance houseplants to green your home

  • If you're just starting up an urban jungle

  • If you don't have a green thumb but still want to enjoy the benefits of houseplants. If you killed plants already, then you're like me and everyone else!

  • If you keep forgetting about your plants' needs

  • If you're busy or don't have time to spend on plant care (but would like to green your home)

  • If you're new to plants/gardening and need advice to get started

  • If you're looking for smart self-watering plant pots and techniques

  • If you're about to go on holidays or travel frequently

Welcome to The House Plant & Urban Jungle Blog!

Stunning house plants for all!

You have a friend who's in need for plant care advice? We're here to help, just share the link to this page!

More Plant Care Tips & Green Ideas


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