10 Tips To Keep Your Plants Alive


This is a summary of a video posted by Rachel Aust on her YouTube channel. She has made the decision to fill her flat with no less than 45 house plants, all looking in stunning shape. Congrats Rachel! But how does she do?

Before we get there, let me tell you more about Rachel Aust. She is a creative youtuber, advising people about style, health and minimalism. She's based in Australia, a country that benefits from one of the most marvellous flaura and wildlife on the planet.

In her video she speaks about her plant care routine and reveals how to keep her houseplants alive and beautiful all year long.

This is what her flat in Brisbane looks like: fresh, minimalistic, green and urban – & all that with style!


  1. Light. Know your flat. Choose a plant that matches your flat or room lighting conditions (shady, vs. bright). If your flat is not getting a lot of sunlight, don't pick a plant that demands direct sunlight.

  2. Care instructions. Find the care instructions on the label or online to get to know your plant.

  3. Water needs. Don't water all your plants all the time because different species have different water needs. Cacti and succulents won't need to be watered as much as palm plants for example. Read more about House Plants Watering techniques.

  4. Drainage holes. Make sure the pots you choose have good drainage, to avoid root rot caused by the roots sitting in still water for a long time. If the plant is outgrowing its pot, think about re-potting it into a bigger one.

  5. Quit re-arranging your plants all the time. Plants will get used to being in one space with a certain amount of light. Moving them around all the time is a disruptive event in a plant's life.

  6. Prune. Prune your plants deads leaves. That will focus the plants's vital energy towards the healthiets leaves and stop wasting resources on old ones.

  7. Fertilize. Add a bit of fertilizer in a spring or summer month. They come in different shapes, such as a liquid or pebbles.

  8. Match your skills. Start with the hardy species first (pothos, aka devil's ivy, palm plant, succulents and cacti), they won' let you down. Once you've had more experience with these, you can move on to things that are a little bit more complicated.

  9. Avoid the heat. Avoid putting your plants too close to air conditioners or any source of heat.

  10. Inspect the plants before you buy them. Check the leaves, and the roots.


Oxygenate. Whether you grow a plant in soil or in water (hydroponics), the roots need oxygen to function. Oxygenate the soil by regularly drilling holes in it with a skewer stick or a chop stick. In overly compacted soil or overly damp soil there is no room for oxygen and that puts the roots at risk. If you're growing using a hydroponic technique, make sure to change the water with fresh one from the tap. Still water loses oxygen after a few days. The bubbles in the water coming from the tap contain enough oxygen for a few days, up to a week or so.


That's it! Thanks Rachel for the care tips. I hope your plants are all well and healthy in your stylish urban jungle.

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