20 Indoor Plant Pot Ideas: trendy, unique, crazy

"Plant pot fanatic". That's what best describes me right now. Plant pots are interesting objects. They exist for a practical purpose (keep the root system together and feed the plant) but they also accomplish a more noble mission decorating our homes. Writing this article, I gradually developed an addiction to discovering the prettiest, coolest or wackiest plant pots on the web. Here are my findings. Amicalement vôtre.

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20 indoor plant pot ideas: trendy, unique, crazy

  1. Upside down: an outdoor hanging planter by Gloglow

  2. Handmade wooden pot made by All Things Brighton Beautiful

  3. Industrial look: a wooden crate or wooden pallet can be transformed into a home for your plants. An upcycled case of wine would do well too.

  4. Cork : on Mind The Cork (UK)

  5. Sustainable and fair trade : made from recycled paper and waterproof. Visit The Den and Now

  6. Magnetic pots: to stick to a metallic vertical surface or wall (yes, a fridge too)

  7. Levitating pots: yes that's a thing! Genius!

  8. 3D-printed vases (best with recycled plastic) by DesignLibero

  9. Geometric : modern and trendy, especially when they're designed by talented Little Deer with pastel colors and marble patterns

  10. Concrete: also quite trendy. Visit MadeIt.

  11. Automatic Water System: these techy pots have automatic water control! Lechuza, Aquaphoric...

  12. Funky: the handbag with water control : Yula by Lechuza...

  13. Self-watering (with built-in water container): Boskke

  14. Hydroponic: Spacepot, mini herb garden

  15. Rustic pine planter: from waldmade

  16. Smart Kitchen Garden: Click and Grow

  17. Air-filtering pot: Clairy

  18. Glass bottles and jars : trending, especially for cuttings and newly propagated specimens (see Crocus)

  19. Sea shells can make a plant's home (see Crocus)

  20. The special one: the hydroponic wall planter. An eco-concept from industrial designer Florian Wegenast.


Ecologic wall planter  by designer Florian Wegenast

Ecologic wall planter by designer Florian Wegenast


Combinations are limitless. what creative plant pot ideas DO you have?


Thanks to all designers, artisans and artists who make these fine pots! There is so much imagination and generosity going into their designs, that's impressive. So many different materials, textures, colors creating unique looks and for all tastes. Hopefully every reader will find some inspiration here!

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