About the blog


"I wanted to spend less time looking after my plants...

...but still have them everywhere in my flat!"

Healthy houseplants should be accessible to everyone.

The story

Adding greenery to my flat in London made a wonderfully fresh addition to my interior. I knew that the benefits of indoor plants were numerous, but maintenance was the recurring issue. I researched what was available and found both affordable stylish solutions to look after my plants for me - it's 2018 after all! Oh, and, I confess, I'm definitely not born with a green thumb.

Here, I share my tips and findings, house plant experiments and green interior design ideas, from a variety of sources.

Welcome to the House Plant & Urban Jungle Blog!

The joy to see them grow!

people, the planet & plants: my values

People. I believe that healthy houseplants should be accessible to everyone. That's why you'll find free articles and tips, curated by experienced indoor gardeners for their informative content, quality and simplicity - all of that with style!

The Planet. Who knows what the world will look like in 50 years time? I want to have a positive impact on cities today, by turning our urban landscapes greener, which are often too grey and too dull. This blogsite is only the top of the iceberg, I’m also involved in a variety of environmental actions in the real world.

Plants. You got it by now, I’m a plant lover! Anything that's green and has leaves makes me happy!


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